Direct Primary
Care Associates

It's not insurance - it's healthcare

See How We're Different



We are always with you

Virtual DPC

We meet you where you are with 24/7 access to your primary care provider  via phone, text, email, or teleconference.

Schedule Appointments

Set same day or next day appointments (Mon-Fri), all from the comfort of your phone, computer, or tablet.



We build relationship with you

Complete Care

Preventative care, chronic disease management, minor in office surgical procedures, care coordination, personalized wellness plans, episodic care, medication refills, and labs.  Visits are unrushed, and are typically 30-60 minutes.


Lower Cost

DPCA is far less than your own out of pocket primary care costs

Monthly Membership (per Adult) $70

By keeping a modest rate, we become more cost effective than paying traditional copays and deductibles.


Membership includes many routine medications


Membership also includes standard labs



Improve Health and Wellness

Better Health

We focus on wellness which in turn decreases hospital admissions, specialty referrals, and decreases ER visits, therefore, affecting your physical and financial wellness.

Individualized Wellness Plans

We integrate all available health information, complete a comprehensive physical, and laboratory evaluation during your first visit.

It's not insurance -
It's healthcare.

Direct Primary Care Associates offers a simplified and smarter approach to better health without the stress and limitations of third-party insurance companies. Our membership provides office visits with plenty of one-on-one time with your doctor, allowing you the opportunity to take proactive steps toward a healthier life.



Age 18+ | $70 per month

Under 18 | $30 per month


Spouse / Adult | $70 per month

Child | $30 per month

Family Max | $200 per month

Employer Group

Plans available for any company size

Frequently Asked Questions

NO. We do not provide coverage for anything other than our services. DPCA does work closely with local insurance agents who can help you design a plan that covers your needs at very affordable rates. This is commonly referred to as “wrap around” or catastrophic insurance. Usually, the savings are 30-60% under the current market. We specifically want to decrease the cost of primary care services by cutting out financial and access barriers for routine care.

For our members,we will always strive to care for you when you want with same or next-day appointments. We do this by keeping our membership enrollment limited to a select number of people. We give our members direct access to their primary care provider and their schedule. You can see when we have availability, you can send us a message, or call directly. Having this level of access cuts down on need for walk in services. We will not turn you away. However, you may have to wait (which no one likes) so we encourage our members to schedule.

That is the easy part! There are two ways to become part of our Direct Primary Care family.

1) Call us to schedule an appointment.

2) Follow the links provided.

For online registrations, visit our main website for patients and click the Join Now button and follow the instructions. We will get you registered and confirm your enrollment. When you’re ready to start, you will receive a welcome email with a few additional steps.

No, our services are not covered by other insurance.

About Insurance

What makes DPCA different is our monthly membership approach, which is not the same as fee-for-service insurance. Why?? It helps us to give:

  • Excellent care for all, regardless of insurance.
  • Ability to answer questions and handle problems without requiring an office visit.
  • More time to spend with each patient.
  • Little to no waiting for office visits.
  • Focus on what patients want: fewer office visits, fewer medications, less testing and fewer visits to the hospital.
  • Freedom from burdensome documentation rules.
  • Finding innovative ways to meet our patients’ needs, such as worksite/onsite visits, video visits, or even house calls.
  • Advocating for our patients so they get the best care from other doctors while avoiding unnecessary and expensive testing.
  • Negotiating lower rates for labs and radiology tests for patients without insurance.

We are a great alternative to using your insurance for routine primary care. Our total yearly fees ($720 for individuals/$2,040 for a family of 4!) are MUCH less than your insurance deductible. Plus, you are getting faster access, visits that are on time, telemedicine, routine labs, and access to many generic medications.

Our fee covers only our services, not the cost of visits to specialists or some of the tests we may request. This means that insurance may still be needed for some of the care we may order.

All patients, regardless of insurance status, pay the same monthly membership for our care and receive the same services. No patient is turned away because of insurance, and no one is turned down for pre-existing conditions.

For patients with insurance, these tests will be billed to your insurance by the lab, pharmacy, or radiology provider in the usual manner. For those without insurance, most labs performed in our office are included in the monthly fee. If not,, you will get your labs at cost and ZERO markup. We will work to find ways to significantly reduce the cost of tests, x-rays, labs, and prescriptions wherever possible. For services or medications not covered, they will be passed on to you at cost.

Still have questions? Shoot us an email or give us a call!