Our Solution to High Cost Insurance

Direct Primary Care Associates has created a corporate health model that engages your employees, drives better patient outcomes, and lowers your overall plan costs.

Employers are paying 73% more for healthcare today than they were in 2004.

Both you and your employees have likely seen your costs and deductibles go up.

But has your quality of care increased? Most likely not. Our Direct Primary Care model benefits employers AND employees, regardless of business size.

One simple fixed monthly rate

No hidden fees

An affordable option

Exceptional Patient Experience

Employees enjoy convenient visits with shorter wait times, so they can get routine care when they need it most.

Our Commitment to Quality

DPCA providers spend quality time with their patients--your employees--to provide the best care available.

Increased Access & Connectivity

Your employees have faster access to healthcare to keep them healthier longer. They can call/email/text anytime to access convenient healthcare.

Affordable Employer Benefits

It’s an affordable option employees love, with one simple fixed monthly rate and no hidden fees.

You've Got Options

DPC Collective

Are you a business owner with...

Full Time Employees

W2 Wage Earners

An Employer Sponsored Health
Insurance plan already in place

DPC Community

Are you a small business owner who...

Would like to offer affordable healthcare to employees

Needs a strategy for Recruitment and Retention

Wants happier, healthier employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely. Your employees’ healthcare costs are your own when you are self-insured. With DPCA providing personalized and customized primary care to your employees, overall healthcare expenses go down.

Yes, we currently work with small businesses who offer this as a benefit to their employees. Please contact your benefits administrator or health insurance broker to learn more about health coverage mandates.

By providing a DPCA membership to your employees, you can select a higher deductible health plan with a lower premium. Because so much of your employee’s health care can be provided by a primary care provider, your healthcare claims will be reduced, resulting in lower costs.

You can sign up at any time. We will work with you and your insurance broker, if you have one, to find the best solution for you and your employees. DPCA provides all employee education and seamless enrollment. We will also facilitate an insurance broker if you do not have one.

We recommend a high deductible/HSA health plan to help handle the costs of unexpected medical services and specialist care.

Still have questions? Shoot us an email or give us a call!